Correva l’anno 1977, precisamente il 13 marzo. Correva l’anno 1977, precisamente il 13 marzo.

Oggi ricordiamo il mito della Formula 1 scomparso all’età di settant’anni. Un video molto interessante nel quale si vede, in una giornata ventosa, il pilota che assiste alla messa a punto della sua monoposto, per la prima volta dotata di quattro gomme posteriori. Poi la prova sull’anello perfetto in località Fattizze: la Pista Sasn, famosa in tutto il mondo per essere un cerchio d’asfalto di dodici chilometri, praticamente un eterno rettilineo dove raggiungere velocità impossibili. Ora la pista è di proprietà Porsche.

(13 Mar 1977) notes: col kine location: nardo, italy. title: lauda ferrari (kine). serviced date: 03/14/77 no: lnc 80734 date shot: 03/13/77 length: 33ft seconds: 53 sound: natural sound. date of arrival: film shows: new racing car being inspected by lauda and lauda taking the six-wheeled vehicle round the nardo track.

lead in: niki lauda, austria’s racing ace who won the formula one world championship in 1975 and looks a firm favourite to regain it this year (’77) has been testing a new ferrari in italy. the austrian, who was nearly burned to death at nurburgring, west germany, last august (’76) mounted the winner’s rostrum in south africa almost weeping last week (5 march ’77) after learing that his friend, britain’s thomas pryce, has been killed in the race. feet r/secs 5 8 zi lauda at car. 8 13 ms extra wheels fitted. 10 16 cu wheels. 14 22 ms lauda at car. 17 27 cu pressure guage. 26 42 (2 shots) cu lauda & zi lauda drives off. 33 53 mls lauda round track.

commentary: the new car seems to be basically a ferrari, but with an extra two wheels. at first sight it differs very little from lauda’s well-known red ferrari… but watch the extra wheels being fitted. six-wheeled models have become the centre of a motor racing controversy. some drivers believe them to be the shape of things to come, others that they are a passing fad and nothing more. the new six-wheeled ferrari is called the 312 t2 and it is still unclear whether ferrari means to go whole–heartedly into the new design. during its practice at least, the 312 t2 impressed the gathered mechanics. You can license this story through AP Archive:… Find out more about AP Archive: